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How much do the top 10%, top 1%, top 0.1% Onlyfans creators make?

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You might have seen the following Twitter profiles of adult performers on OnlyFans: Top 1% (Top 3%), Top 4.7% (Top 4.7%). These numbers may seem random to those not familiar with the site, but they are sacred for those who know them. This number reveals a lot about OnlyFans stars and their business moves as well as how they feel overall.

Who are the top 10% OnlyFans creators

OnlyFans’ percentage is a private number that can only be accessed by account holders. This simply means that you are in the top X% among all OnlyFans creators. Who are the top 10% of OnlyFans creators then? These are content creators that are among the top 10% of all OnlyFans creators.

However, the concept of top% OnlyFans creators has yet to be explained in the Terms and Services section. OnlyFans FAQ states that the percentile ranking is a measure of the creator’s performance over the past month. It is therefore difficult to understand how the percentage is calculated. It is clear that it will depend on many factors, including engagement, comments received and DMs in the Inbox. Likes on posts and, of course, the number followers.

Some users swear to the theory, which is mainly based upon the earnings for the past 30 days. OnlyFan will compare your earnings to those of all other content creators. This determines the top percentage.

It’s more likely that it is based on the priority OnlyFans gives to money. OnlyFans’ revenue will be compared with that of all content creators using a fancy algorithm. Smart algorithms calculate a ranking by comparing all of these factors. This will tell you exactly where you are in the ranking.


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What exactly do these percentiles mean?

The OnlyFans top% is determined by the total amount of money each creator has made. OnlyFans revenue has an impact on the percentile. OnlyFans’ top 1% will include creators earning over $10,000.

How can content creators learn how to make the most of OnlyFans

This can be done by multiplying the total money earned from all creators by the total number on the platform. Before you can calculate it manually, you will need to estimate the top creators’ earnings and the total creators on OnlyFans. Although it’s impossible to accurately estimate the amount, you can get an idea of the approximate figure.

Here’s a rough estimate of how much the top 10% OnlyFans content authors make.

  • OnlyFans’ top 10% content creators earn over $1000 per month.
  • The top 1% earns more than $6000 per month.
  • The 0.1% who make the most are worth more than $100,000 per month.

These values were taken from the provided by OnlyFans.

Your earnings are also affected by the subscription fees you charge for each use. The subscription fee you charge for each use will determine how much income you make. A higher subscription fee will make you more money but your subscriber count will be lower. You will get more subscribers if your subscription fee is lower, but you will still make less.

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Success factors for Top OnlyFans Creators

The success of creators on OnlyFans is directly affected by their public image and how they set up their profiles. Here are the top factors that will determine your success as a content creator for OnlyFans.

The top 10% of creators have power positions

OnlyFans’ top 10% content creators set the rules. Fans don’t want to follow losers, but they would love to support creators who can make an impact on their fans.

They are the most popular social media channels

Social media is popular for content creators who are part of the top % OnlyFans. Social media has a weird way of building popularity. If you share high-quality content, the more you follow, the more you will get.

They choose their niche and stick with it.

Sticking to a niche has a higher success rate than creators who don’t. You should stick to your niche and not try to create content for other niches.


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It can be nerve-wracking to sign up for OnlyFans or any other website or platform that requires nudity.

It is, however, one of the most liberating investments you can make and could be your most profitable.

There are risks and pitfalls that you need to be aware of, but if you take the right steps and be cautious most of them can easily be avoided.

The world is your oyster if you have a optimized profile and a consistent posting schedule.



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