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How To Make Money With a Podcast

How to Make Money with a Podcast

Podcasts can make you money in many different ways. Some methods can be leveraged without having a large audience, while others require a high level of demand and viewers to make it work. It doesn’t matter what avenue you choose, having more than one source of income is important for a podcaster. A single source of income can put you at greater risk.

Sponsored Ads or Episodes

You’ve probably heard a podcaster read a sponsored ad. You may be paid by companies to promote their products through a short script.

Although ads can be an easy way to make money but require more listeners and demographic data, they are often easier than other methods. Your podcast’s listens and downloads will be used to determine if it is the right fit for your ad.

Affiliate codes or links

Brands that you advertise for may offer you a discount code to use with your listeners as an extra bonus. To encourage more use, you can earn a small commission every time someone enters your discount coupon code at checkout.

Affiliate links can also be used to earn commission. You’ll get a small commission every time someone clicks your link and purchases. You can join Skillshare, LTK, and Amazon Associates to be an affiliate.

Promotion of your products or services

Talking about products and services on your podcast can help you increase sales. Listening to you explain your products and why they are beneficial to your listeners is a great way to educate them and get them closer to buying.

Coaching or consulting

Your industry expertise may be more valuable than the information you provide on your podcast. Your podcast can be used to book coaching or consulting clients. This is a way to help people learn more from you.

Accepting donations or tips

Podcasting takes effort and time. You can ask your listeners for money or tips to help offset the cost of each episode. Donations can be collected via platforms like Patreon, Venmo and GoFundMe.

When soliciting donations or tips, be specific about where the money is going. For example, purchasing a better microphone, hiring interns to increase production, etc.

Members or Gated Content

Podcasts can be downloaded or listened to for free. However, you can make additional episodes behind a paywall to earn an income. To access additional content, listeners will need to pay either a one-time fee or subscribe to a premium subscription.

Popular platforms for hosting subscribers-exclusive content include Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon.

Advertising Networks

Podcast advertising networks act as agents for your podcast. Advertiser networks can connect you with brands and help you find opportunities that you might not have found on your own. Some networks allow you to reach out directly to advertisers once you have joined. Other premium networks can also pitch advertisers to you.

AdvertiseCast and PodcastOne are some examples of podcast advertising networks. You may have to meet certain requirements to join an advertising network.

Selling Merchandise

You could sell branded merchandise using your logo, iconography, or signature phrases depending on your audience and branding. If you are a podcast about organizing, selling planners with your logo and phrasing could be a great way to make income.


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