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How to use Instagram

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1. Post regularly


Your first step in becoming an Instagram influencer and a successful blogger is to keep posting consistently. You can post daily, several times per week, or multiple times per day.

Tailwind’s study shows that increasing posting frequency increases engagement rates. No matter what schedule you choose, it is important that you stick to it.


Your posting schedule and story should be consistent. You should post quality content that is relevant to your niche.

To take amazing photos, you don’t necessarily have to buy a DSLR. With a few tweaks on Instagram and apps like VSCO, your iPhone can still be useful. According to Canva , Clarendon is the most used Instagram filter.

2. Get to know others

You don’t have to post great content. Followers should leave meaningful comments.

Engage with your followers, and other people in your niche. Follow some of their posts and take the time to comment on their photos.

Joining an Instagram pod is a great way to increase your engagement. You can find a group of people who are interested in the same niche as you. You just need to comment on the posts of others and like them.

3. Use hashtags

You can use 30 hashtags in Instagram for each post. All of them are recommended. These hashtags don’t make your content appear spammy, contrary to popular belief.


Relevant hashtags will help you become more visible on Instagram. These hashtags will help you be found by people who aren’t your followers.

Checking similar profiles can help you find hashtags. You can also click on a hashtag and see similar ones in your search bar. Focalmark, an app that displays popular hashtags according to a specific niche, offers this list.

4. Get in touch with brands

Make sure you have enough engagement and followers before you approach brands with your proposal. Brands will not be interested in a few hundred followers. To get a few thousand engaged followers, you need to start.

Your Instagram bio should be well-written. This bio is as important as your engagement rate and follower count.

Once you have all of these, you can start to pitch over emails to brands in your niche. Canva and other apps can be used to create a professional-looking media kit. Social Bluebook can be used to create proposals for sponsored posts.




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