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Why aren’t you making money on Facebook?

You’re already on Facebook… So why don’t you start making money on Facebook?

We put together 15 ways to earn some money on Facebook

Some ways to earn even work for Facebook, Twitter & Youtube


1. Be the go-to expert in a group

Be helpful is one of my favorite ways to make Facebook money.

Steve Stewart has a reputation for being a great expert in this field. He is a great resource for podcasting and podcast editing questions. Others in the group have noticed Steve’s reputation, and have rushed to tag him on related threads.

He has become the expert in his field.

Where does the money come from?

After many years of creating his podcasts, another host approached Steve to help them with their podcast. Steve agreed and his podcast editing business grew rapidly. He had enough work and income within 6 months to quit his job.


2. Promote your services in local groups

Erica Krupin started her pet waste removal company by posting in local buy/sell/trade forums that she was already a part of. She gave a rough estimate of her pricing and advertised her service.

She thought she would only get one or two hits so she went to a conference the next day.

Erica said that her purse suddenly vibrated like crazy. Erica was receiving hundreds of messages from people asking for her services in the forums where she placed her ad.

Erica stated that she made between $5,000 and $6,000.


3. Start and manage a local Facebook group

Melissa Fassel Dunn started a Facebook group in Milton, Massachusetts. It is a suburb of Boston. The group was started by Fassel Dunn, who was looking for a way to share information and make recommendations with other parents.

Melissa currently sells local directory listings, featured stories and advertising in her daily newsletter to neighbors in small towns.

Her side hustle has become a “almost 6-figure” business.


4. Facebook Marketplace: Sell stuff

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your items in your home or build a business.

This episode of thrifting to profit will give you some ideas about what you might sell and where inventory could be found.

It’s very popular to refinish and flip furniture right now!


5. To Re-Sell Other Things, Buy Stuff from Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to source deals.

What if you could turn these products around and sell them to a wider audience on eBay or other websites? One podcast guest spoke about how Marketplace allows you to source textbooks and flip them on Amazon.

Another person has learned how to ship freight and is now able to list heavier items and make a profit selling them all over the country.


6. Create Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Although Facebook Messenger rules and regulations are continually changing, chatbot demand continues to grow.

This could be an alternative to your email lists. If you are able to master the art of building them through services such as ManyChat and Chatfuel you could offer it to other businesses.

These can deliver a series or lessons or use AI or customer inputs for a recommendation or result. A freelancer was hired to create a survey bot that would make recommendations based on the answers of customers.

These people are now on my Messenger List, so I could theoretically (I don’t have yet) send them broadcast messages. This would allow me to enjoy much higher open rates than traditional email newsletters.


7. Facebook Hosting Events: Make Money

Hosting an event on Facebook could make you money.

You could host an event in person, such as a workshop or meetup. Or you could offer valuable training via Facebook Live.

You could promote the event using Facebook Events toolkit. These tools will allow you to collect payments and show RSVPs (if desired) as well as invite your friends.


8. Make a limited-time challenge

Kelly Snyder assists women to create a wardrobe that they love. She was hosting a limited-time Facebook challenge group to get customers excited about her products and help them buy.

These “closet challenges” were an integral part of her customer satisfaction journey. She would offer quick wins, encourage others, and eventually sell the main dish.

Each time she took on the challenge, it brought $100k to her business.


9. Be a social media manager

Social media isn’t going away. Companies might hire you if you’re already a fan.

Sendible states that the average salary for a social media manager is $45,000 annually. However, many companies don’t require or want to hire a full-time employee.

Are you able to offer your services as a freelancer?

Start by looking at the companies that you are already a customer. How is their Facebook presence? What could you do to improve it?

Make a screenshare video using a tool such as Loom, or create some new social graphics in Canva to see if it helps you find a decision-maker. (Hint: Use LinkedIn to find people in the company’s marketing department.


10. Facebook Jobs

You can use Facebook to search for a job.

You can find nearby jobs by clicking the Jobs link in your left sidebar. Filter by distance and job type (part time, full-time or contract). You can also filter by category.


11. Facebook Careers

You might want to be paid by Facebook directly if you love Facebook!

Facebook employs people from all over the world. To learn more, visit the careers webpage .


12. Facebook’s “Bug Bounty”, a way to make money online, is it not?

“Move fast, break things,” is an unofficial Facebook motto that occasionally breaks things.

They crowdsource security and quality assurance testing for users. You could make money with their Bug Bounty program if you have a keen eye for finding bugs on Facebook’s website or app.

What can you earn?

The fine print states that Facebook decides the bounty amount “based on a number of factors including (but not restricted to) impact, ease-of-exploitation and quality of the report.”

The minimum bounty for a bounty is $500 however, the next line warns that some “extremely low risk issues” may not be eligible for any bounty.


13. As an affiliate, promote other companies’ products or services

You don’t need to have your own product/service to sell on Facebook. However, you can still make money with your personal profile as an Affiliate.

This is how it works in real life: You find a product that you love, and you want to shout about it!

What is the point of learning this information now? This is what you need to know! It will transform your life!

Many companies offer referral or affiliate programs that encourage you to share your experience on social media.

Look at the companies that you do business with to see if they offer a similar referral program. These programs are popular with startups, direct to consumer brands, credit cards and many other businesses.


14. Make Memes into Merch

Facebook is a great place for finding the most recent memes. Instead of just laughing at them, and continuing your day, you might actually be able make some money.

You can upload designs and sayings to an increasing number of physical products, such as t-shirts, thanks to platforms like Mercch by Amazon.

You don’t have to be the best graphic designer in the world — many of the most popular products are text.

Once you have uploaded your design, and created your product description Amazon takes care of the rest. Amazon will list your item for sale, print it when someone orders and ship it to you. You will earn a commission based on the price you set higher than the printing cost.

If you are already connected to current culture and are able to act quickly, this is a great option.

You can also do similar drop shipping for physical products on Etsy.


15. Manage Facebook Ads

It’s not surprising that Facebook makes its money by selling ads. There is an entire industry dedicated to optimizing and managing ads for other companies.

Robert Gale wrote to share that his side hustle of managing Facebook ads was earning him $2,500 per monthly, on top of his full-time job. This is a combination of consulting work and monthly retainers for 2 clients.

Robert said, “I charge $1,000/mo minimum per client and focus a lot of my time on client acquisition.” “I spend approximately 10-15 hours per week working this side hustle.”

Robert stated that he used Upwork and LinkedIn to market his service. He also actively participated in Facebook groups to help him find clients. (See Method 1 in this post!)

Robert mentioned that he took a course in order to learn the basics of Facebook ads as well as how to market the service. It sounds like a worthwhile investment.

You can also design the ads yourself. This is another way to make money with your Canva skills .

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