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Starting an Instagram side hustle

Marketing is a broad concept. Social media marketing has been a trending topic for a few years.
With Instagram being one of the top platforms, we’re going to look into how we can use Instagram marketing to our advantage.

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Instagram marketing can be incredibly profitable!

Are you wondering if it is possible to make some money by becoming an Instagram influencer? You have a large number of Instagram followers and post content that attracts a lot of attention. Your followers’ comments reinforce what you already know. You have some great content on your Instagram account. But is that enough ?

It is common to think such thoughts with Instagram influencers being the talk in every town theses days. This is especially true when you consider that many of them make good money.

There are some key steps that you must take to become an Instagram influencer. Let’s take an in-depth look at what you should do to make your first $1,000 as an Instagram Influencer.

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1. Post regularly


Your first step in becoming an Instagram influencer and a successful blogger is to keep posting consistently. You can post daily, several times per week, or multiple times per day.

Studies show that increasing posting frequency increases engagement rates. No matter what schedule you choose, it is important that you stick to it.

Your posting schedule and story should be consistent. You should post quality content that is relevant to your niche.

To take amazing photos, you don’t necessarily have to buy a DSLR. With a few tweaks on Instagram and apps like VSCO, your iPhone can still be useful. According to Canva , Clarendon is the most used Instagram filter.

2. Get to know others

You don’t have to post great content. Followers should leave meaningful comments.

Engage with your followers, and other people in your niche. Follow some of their posts and take the time to comment on their photos.

Joining an Instagram pod is a great way to increase your engagement. You can find a group of people who are interested in the same niche as you. You just need to comment on the posts of others and like them.

3. Use hashtags

You can use 30 hashtags in Instagram for each post. All of them are recommended. These hashtags don’t make your content appear spammy, contrary to popular belief.

Relevant hashtags will help you become more visible on Instagram. These hashtags will help you be found by people who aren’t your followers.

Checking similar profiles can help you find hashtags. You can also click on a hashtag and see similar ones in your search bar. Focalmark, an app that displays popular hashtags according to a specific niche, offers this list.

4. Get in touch with brands

Make sure you have enough engagement and followers before you approach brands with your proposal. Brands will not be interested in a few hundred followers. To get a few thousand engaged followers, you need to start.

Your Instagram bio should be well-written. This bio is as important as your engagement rate and follower count.

Once you have all of these, you can start to pitch over emails to brands in your niche. Canva and other apps can be used to create a professional-looking media kit. Social Bluebook can be used to create proposals for sponsored posts.

Platforms such as TapInfluence or TRIBE are great ways to connect with relevant brands.

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Reels: How to Grow Your Instagram

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is an Instagram feature that allows you to create short-form video content you can share with all your Instagram followers and anyone else on the platform. If your account is public, you can record and edit 15 second videos. You can then share them with your followers or the entire Instagram community.


Which type of content works best on Instagram Reels?

Stories, IGTV and Reels – Oh my!

There are so many options. When should you use Reels? Is there any content that performs better with Reels?

Instagram Stories, which are a series of short videos that expire after a certain time, and IGTV, which are longer-form videos that are editable and can be produced.
Instagram reels can be stored on your profile for an indefinite amount of time. Each video can be presented in its own feed, even though they are part of a series.

Instagram Reels allows you to share behind-the scenes glimpses of your brand and products, as well casual, unrehearsed views of your services or products. Reels video’s casual format helps to remove the stress that comes with editing and presenting live video.

These tips will help you get more engagement for your Instagram reels.

#1: Create your content using Native Reels tools

Reels offers editing tools, music and visual effects to help make your videos pop. Instagram recommends you use them. In true Instagram fashion they want you to use a feature once it’s released. It will increase your exposure if that feature is used often and the tools available on the app.

To maximize your reach, you should record, edit, and apply effects to your Instagram reels within the app. Rather than uploading a video that you have already recorded elsewhere,

Keep your Instagram reels looking native

If they don’t look natural, Instagram reels won’t work. You should capture them in portrait or vertical orientation with your smartphone’s full screen.

It will take more effort to reuse a video that you have recorded for another channel or in a different orientation than just posting it. Similar to how a Facebook post does not work on Twitter.

Instagram also revealed that the Instagram reels that were repurposed/uploaded from other sources looked blurry. The watermarks from other apps made it less enjoyable.

Although I haven’t seen blurred Instagram reels after repurposing content from another app, I can’t attest to its accuracy. I also don’t know how common the issue is.

It’s important to know that Instagram will not push Instagram reels into Explorer feeds if they contain a watermark from another social network. This is another reason to ensure that your Instagram reels look as natural as possible. You can either capture them in the Instagram app or use a program that doesn’t leave any watermark.

#2: Get Viewers in Immediately

The first few seconds of your Instagram reel, just like other video content on other channels are crucial. The goal is to grab the attention of your viewers and get them to continue watching. It could be a flashing bit of text or a sticker at the top. This could be your first word. You could be telling them to stop.

Rachel Pedersen (@themrspedersen), often stops scrolls with her hands, stance or text. To grab viewers’ attention, she uses the flash light effect and music.

#3: Keep viewers engaged with your reels by using creative edits and transitions

Although you might think 15 seconds is enough time for anyone to view a video, humans have shown that even 15 seconds can be too long to spend on a boring video. You can keep your viewers interested longer by adding creative transitions and edits to keep them watching.

To edit a recording, you can simply stop and start it again to make a cut. An cut simply transitions from one scene to another. You might use it to adjust your position in the camera, capture at a different angle or zoom in on yourself and your subject. This causes the eye to jump slightly and is abrupt. This small jump keeps the viewers’ attention on the video, and helps them stay engaged for longer.
Because you have to cut between scenes, transitions can be more difficult. One transition might be to blend one scene into another, or to create a transition that entices the eye and keeps people interested in what’s next.


#4: Use Q&As to Enhance Your Instagram Reels

Nothing beats the creativity of your community when it comes to content ideas.

It’s a great way for viewers to return to your site and answer more questions. You can end your reels by a call-to-action (CTA), asking people to leave additional questions in the comments. This will give you endless content ideas.

Take a question from one comment and create your next Instagram reel. This will create a series of semi-related content. It will also keep your customers coming back for more, as they are eager to get their questions answered. You’ll be able to answer more questions the more you ask.

#5: Deliver CTAs for Taps

Reels can also be a great way for you to give valuable advice and tips on any topic. Once you have given your advice, viewers want to know more.

You can increase your engagement by using a CTA to direct your viewers to more information.

Are you looking for something that will make your life easier.

Find out the tools we recommend to increase engagement, save time, and increase sales throughout your entire marketing campaign or business.

You can find tools that help with planning content, managing social media posts or creating a strategy.


Instagram expert Sue B Zimmerman (@theinstagramexpert) does a great job of this inside of her Instagram tips reels. After recording her tips, ends each reel with a CTA that allows you to access more information from the description. CTAs could lead to the website, opt-in page, landing page or next reel. She encourages more engagement by directing her followers to tap on the description to get more information.


#6: Tell a complete story

Although fifteen seconds might seem like a long time, you’d be amazed at how much you can communicate in such a short time.
Storytelling, which is the key to any social media marketing strategy, is a must. Instagram Reels is no exception. Make sure your Instagram reel tells a complete story.

Katrina Lebar (@katrinalebar), uses Instagram reels for her story of becoming an entrepreneur. This one is about some of her fears and the obstacles she encountered, and how she overcame these.
Rebecca Minkoff (@rebeccaminkoff), also offers humorous behind-the scenes looks into her private life. This reel is about how it was prepared.

#7: Shout-Out or Spotlight Your Community

Your reels can be used to discuss people you are interested in engaging with. Ulta (@ultabeauty), does this by regramming Instagram reels of their followers who have tagged or included their hashtag.
People love to be noticed, especially by brands and influencers that are often difficult to approach. It feels great to be noticed by brands and influencers and have them shout us out on their platforms. We will often return to those brands to continue engaging with them, commenting more on their posts, sharing their stories and spending more time on the platform.

#8: Create a custom reel thumbnail to drive views from the feed

You can choose a thumbnail when you create an Instagram reel. This is the still image that will appear on your profile. Either choose a frame from your video or upload a customized image. You can give your Instagram reels a consistent, brand-named look by creating a title template using your favorite graphics editor program.

Your reels thumbnails will not be displayed in the Explore feed. When people view your Instagram profile, custom thumbnails make it easier to find videos that interest them, answer questions, and see what kind of content you have posted.

Kelsey G (@thekelsg), on Instagram, has an example profile that features branded thumbnail covers. All of her thumbnails feature the same shade pink and are in “Title:Subtitle” format. It’s easy to browse her Instagram Reels feed to find the video you want to watch.

#9: Respond To Your Audience

A conversation cannot be one-way. To keep the conversation going, respond immediately to comments made by your followers on your Instagram reels.

Your ability to reply to every comment on Instagram will decrease as you increase your Instagram following. You can still respond to every comment as long as you have the time and don’t feel pressured.

Pro Tip – If you ask a viewer a question, they will feel compelled reply and to continue the conversation.

Monique from The Socialista (@thesocialista_), is an excellent example of someone who responds to as many comments as possible on her Instagram reels to keep the conversation going.


Instagram’s new features are pushed to the feeds faster than older features. Stories received far more attention and reach than their Instagram feed when Instagram Stories was released. Similar results were seen when carousels were released. These posts received a lot more attention and engagement than normal photos.

This is why Instagram Reels, the latest feature released by Instagram, has a tendency to receive more exposure and reach than other types.

Instagram Reels could be the perfect feature to give life and energy back into your Instagram account. Reels are a simple feature to learn, and it doesn’t require a lot of energy or time. These tips will help you increase your Instagram organic engagement almost instantly.


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