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What is Patreon?

Patreon allows creators to offer a subscription service that includes their content. Creators don’t need to set up a website or payment platform. Instead, they can launch a Patreon page that is customized in just a few simple steps.

Patrons are paying subscribers to Patreon. Patrons pay a fee to receive exclusive content from creators.

Patreon was launched in 2013. It has more than 3 million monthly active patrons, and more 185,000 registered creators. Patreon’s value was $4 billion as of spring 2021.

Creators may offer subscriptions to a range of services. Popular content formats include:

  • Video (38% of creators).
  • Writing (17%)
  • Audio (14%)
  • Photography (6%)

You can also download the Patreon app for iOS and Android.

What is Patreon?

Patreon allows creators the ability to monetize their content through a paywall that charges patrons a subscription fee. Both patrons and creators love this transparent business model.

Creators can know when their monthly earnings are due and can use this income to help them. Patrons can also see how their subscription is supporting the creator, and can upgrade or cancel their membership by clicking a button.

What is Patreon useful for? Patreon is a platform that allows creators to create all kinds of content.

Writers may share excerpts from stories with their Twitter fans. To drive their readers to their Patreon they can share short excerpts of stories with their followers.

Photographers can use Patreon to store their work. Patrons can be enticed by special perks such as physical prints of their favourite images.

Podcasters are able to easily interact with their listeners via Patreon. The Community tab acts as a messageboard where patrons can chat and leave messages. Patrons may be able to access episodes early or get special content such as bonus episodes and a peek behind the scenes.

Musicians are able to post new tracks before their release date, or share demos and b-sides with fans.

Performers or streamers may also use Patreon’s private, secure livestream feature to charge an additional fee for their online performances.

Patreon offers a unique opportunity for creators to create a community and expand their reach. Celebrities can also use Patreon as a way to interact with fans.


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What is the earning potential on Patreon?

It is flexible enough for creators of any followings. Therefore, average Patreon income can vary.

There are many factors that influence how much of your current audience will convert into Patreon subscribers.

  • You can create content
  • The perks that you offer patrons
  • Your membership tier fees
  • Your current audience’s size
  • Your marketing efforts


How much money can you make? Below is a hypothetical example that we have created based on an Instagram creator with 10,000 followers (their primary social media channel).

The following are the total sizes 10,000 (Instagram)
% of followers who are “passionate” (who would click through for more information) 10%
Traffic from Instagram to Patreon Page 1,000
% of traffic converts to patrons 1-5% (10-50 patrons)
Average patron value $5
Monthly Patreon Income $50-$250

Continue reading if this doesn’t sound appealing. These tips will help you increase your Patreon income and grow your fan base.

How do I create a Patreon account?

Signing up to become a Patreon content creator was easy. To get started, visit

1: Choose a category to describe your content

You can choose from up to two categories

  • Podcasts
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Music
  • Communities
  • Local Business (restaurants, yoga studios, venues, etc.
  • Videos
  • Writing and Journalism
  • Games & Software
  • Photography
  • Other

2: Does your work include 18+ themes, such as illustrated or real nudity?


This question will ask you to choose Yes, No depending on what type of content you intend to offer.

3. Choose your currency

Patreon has 14 currencies available, including USD and CAD as well as Euro, Euro, GBP and AUD. Your membership fees will be charged and paid in the currency that you choose.

4. Are you interested in selling exclusive merchandise?

Patreon offers merchandise production, international shipping, and support for an additional fee. To continue, you will need to answer Yes. You can always choose No during this stage, and later add merch to the plan. We will discuss this further in detail later.

5. You can reserve a URL that is unique to your Patreon page.

You will need to connect at least one social media (Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, Twitter or YouTube) in order for Patreon to verify that you are a creator. This will allow you to set a custom URL for your Patreon, such as

Your Patreon Page is almost ready for launch!

How can I personalize my Patreon page

Once you have completed the initial setup, the page editor will guide you through several more steps to personalize your page.

Begin with the basics

After you have created your Patreon account, verified it by email, and then you can begin building your page.

Create a title for your Patreon page. The headline should describe your content in a brief description. It could be something like “writing essays” or “creating weekly podcasts.”

Upload images

Next, you will be asked to upload your profile photo and cover picture. Patreon requires that every account has two photos. These are the preferred formats:

  • Profile picture: 256px x 256px
  • Cover image: Minimum 1600px in width and minimum 400px in height

Create a captivating About section

The Patreon About section will be the first thing that potential patrons see upon landing on your page. Make sure you paint a compelling picture.

This structure will be the basis of a good About page.

  • Introduce yourself. What are your interests?
  • Describe what your Patreon does for. What are you using Patreon for to support your creative career.
  • Describe how funds will be used. What will you do with the Patreon money to keep creating? Patrons value transparency so make sure you are as transparent as possible.
  • We thank you for supporting our Patreon. Your enthusiasm for the future is your work!

You can add a video to the section. Visuals allow patrons to visualize exactly what they will receive when they subscribe.

Select your tiers

You can start by selecting a fully customizable starter kit for tiers based on what content you offer (videos, music, podcasts and visual art), local business, all creators.

Based on your selections, Patreon will recommend starter tiers. These tiers can be customized to suit your needs.


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Decide whether you wish to sell merch

Patreon allows you to offer your subscribers exclusive merchandise.

You can customize your items using the platform (e.g. stickers, mugs and tote bags), Select the tier that will receive exclusive merchandise. Patreon handles all aspects of production, shipping, tracking and support.

Connect your socials

Your Patreon account can be linked to social media accounts so that patrons can confirm your identity. Patreon can be linked to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Make payment

This is a crucial step for creators. Let’s ensure you get paid!

To receive Patreon payments, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Your plan will determine the payment schedule. It could be either monthly or per creation.
  • Your currency
  • Payout settings (how much you would like to be paid) and tax information

Choose your Page Settings

Almost done! To get started on Patreon, you will need a few more details. 

At this stage, you will add basic information to your account such as your legal name and place of residence. These account details will not be visible on your public page. A few visual preferences can also be set, such as the color you prefer for your buttons and links.

This is also where you decide how transparent you wish to be as creator. You have the option to make all page visitors see your earnings and patron count. This information should be made public by Patreon, but you can make it private.

Also, you will be asked if your work contains any explicit content. Patreon allows adult content to be uploaded on their platform as long as they adhere to their terms and conditions. Be aware that adult content will not be displayed in Patreon’s search results.

After previewing your page, hit the launch button!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Note – When you launch, Patreon reviews it. While reviews take only minutes, some content can take up to three days to be reviewed. After you have launched your page, you can still edit it.


What are the best ways creators can share Patreon content?


These post types are possible to create:



Select a catchy title and then start typing! Text posts let you embed images in the text, or attach files to your patrons for them to download.

Image posts let you upload images or embed URLs from other websites. When you upload multiple photos, this post type automatically creates a gallery. Patreon supports many photo formats including.jpg and.jpeg as well as.png and.gif file types that can be up to 200 MB.

You can either copy a URL from another website or connect Patreon to your Vimeo Pro account to create a video posting. Patreon supports embed YouTube and Vimeo links.

Patreon allows livestreaming via Vimeo or YouTube Live. Creators have access to live chat, automatic recordings, analytics, and no time limits. Some of these options may require an additional charge.

Audio posts let you upload files and embed audio URLs from different sites. A thumbnail image can be uploaded for your file. Patreon supports.mp3,.mp4, and.m4a files. File sizes must not exceed 512 MB.

Insert the link that you would like to share with patrons. A preview of your link will be displayed in the post. To explain why you are sharing the link with your audience, write a description in this text field. Share your Instagram profile or website.

All Patreon membership levels can run polls. This is a great way for patrons to give feedback and help you grow your subscriber base. You can choose between two or more poll options. Patrons have up to 20 choices. You can set an expiration and view the poll results at any time.

Each post type has the ability to add tags to your posts so patrons can search by category (for instance, “monthly update” and “bonus episode”. You also have the option to choose who can view this post: public, all patrons or selected tiers.

Your patrons might be interested in time-sensitive or special content. To allow selected tiers to view it first, you can create a early-access post. If necessary, you can also charge additional fees for access to a specific post.

Types that are more advanced include:

Welcome Notes
When your patrons sign up, send them a personalized welcome email and note. You can customize this for each subscription level. This feature can be removed or added to at any time.


These posts allow you to share what you are working on, and help patrons understand why their subscription supports your creativity. There are two kinds of goals you can set:

Earnings-based (“When my monthly income is $300, I will …”)” or community-based (“When 300 patrons are reached, I will …”)).

Special Offers
To attract patrons, create your personalized offer and give them exclusive content. You have the option to choose from pre-existing benefits such as custom stickers and early-access tickets. Or, you can design an offer that best represents what you do.


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How can I earn more on Patreon?

It’s time for Patreon to be strategic if it needs some help in getting off the ground. This multi-pronged strategy will help you grow your Patreon revenue.

Expand your reachable audience

You can start by increasing your followers on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. ).

Now is the right time to get your brand noticed on multiple platforms. To reach as many possible subscribers, you need to expand your marketing strategy.

Increase your “passionate” followers

To tell your story, create a video or a text post and establish a personal connection to followers. Explain how Patreon supports creators and how it allows you to create more content.

Increase traffic to your page Creator

Mention your Patreon Page everywhere you go: Add a link to your social media profiles, bring it up on podcasts and interviews, and include a link within your monthly newsletter or electronic-blast. Increased traffic will drive traffic and can lead to higher conversion rates from potential patrons to subscribers.

To convert traffic into patrons, use free content

A great way to attract potential patrons is to offer free content. Let potential patrons see a preview of your Patreon content so they know what to expect when they become patrons.

To give potential subscribers an idea about the content you will be posting, create a few posts that are public (and free). To generate buzz, you can also offer giveaways and promotions (ex. To be eligible for the draw, sign up before the end the month.

Increase the average patrons value by adding more membership tiers

Multiple membership levels can encourage existing patrons to upgrade and pay more for their monthly subscription. Your patrons will appreciate the special rewards or benefits that you offer. Your tiers should be clearly distinguished so that patrons know what they will get when they upgrade.



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